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Car maintenance is a critical, although sometimes expensive necessity. We at Larry Hill Ford want to make your car servicing and customization visits with us a great experience. We go above and beyond for our customers by offering parts specials, which we frequently update to save you more money. So, you’ll want to check back often, because we are always offering new deals on the parts you want most. Additionally, for your convenience, you can schedule your service appointment online and order parts! We look forward to serving our neighbors in Chattanooga and Athens.

Good tread on your tires is essential to your safety and your passengers’ safety. Use the penny test to determine whether you need to look into buying new tires.

The Penny Test :
Step 1:
Take a penny, and place it upside down with Lincoln facing you in the center of the tread (at the thickest part of the tire).
Step 2:
If you can see the very top of Lincoln’s head or the copper above it, replace the tires immediately.
Step 3:
If Lincoln’s hair on the top of his head is partially visible, it is time to go shopping for tires.
Step 4:
If you cannot see the hair on the top of his head (if the coin is inserted enough that the tire tread is at least as deep as Lincoln’s forehead), your tires do not need replacing yet.

Tread gives your car the ability to grip the road. Not only does proper tire tread protect you, your vehicle and your passengers — it also can improve fuel economy. For more information, stop by and see us. Additionally, for your convenience, you can schedule your service appointment online! We look forward to serving our neighbors in Chattanooga and Athens.

Other Things To Keep In Mind:

Regardless of each tire’s physical condition, improper air pressure will cause it to underperform — or even damage it. Maintaining the recommended level of air pressure in your tires is one of the easiest ways to preserve the life of your tires and allow them to provide you and your vehicle with the best level of performance possible. There are a few different ways your tires’ air pressure levels can change. Obviously, if your tire is punctured in any way, air pressure will be lost, and you’ll have to replace the tire. Something as simple as the outside temperature can also affect tire pressure, though. As the weather cools, air contracts and reduces pressure (and vice versa). In addition to checking air pressure regularly for small losses in pressure, be sure to check your tires whenever there’s a significant change in temperature or season.

Similar to how certain parts of your shoes wear depending on how you walk, certain parts of your tires can wear more quickly based on how your vehicle drives. The easiest and most effective way to prevent this is to have them balanced and aligned regularly, based on professional recommendations. While the science and technology of tires have advanced over the years, resulting in a reduced need to have these services performed as frequently, it’s not something you want to forget about. If you’d like the wear of your tires assessed, be sure to stop by ‘.$DealerName.’ for an inspection.

In addition to preserving the performance and life of your tires, proper tire air pressure can also help your vehicle return better fuel economy. According to the United States Department of Energy, properly inflated times can return an additional 3.3 percent to your vehicle’s current fuel economy scores. When your tires aren’t properly inflated, your vehicle has to work harder to bring you to your destination, and inclement weather or adverse driving conditions only make the problem worse. Be sure to check the recommended PSI for your vehicle that’s found inside the driver’s door jam, versus the number found on the side of your tire to provide the best results.

Selecting a tire without any extra information can be overwhelming. There are economy options, performance options, top-of-the-line options and more. When the need arises for you to equip your vehicle with a new set of tires — or if you simply need to replace one or more — visit our friendly technicians at ‘.$DealerName.’. Our professional staff will help you select the tire that best suits your vehicle and meets your need. Keep in mind that selecting the proper tires for your vehicle will improve overall performance and provide you with the largest return on your investment.

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